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PEDS and PEDS:DM Presentations

A Comprehensive Model of Surveillance and Screening
PowerPoint slides and notes to explain the value of developmental surveillance and how to conduct it.
survellance and screening
How To Administer PEDS
This slide show explains how to administer PEDS, includes several practice examples, and shows how the online version functions.
how to administer peds
How to Administer PEDS:DM Screening
This is a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show with notes that demonstrates how to administer PEDS:DM screening - Developmental Milestones
how to administer peds:dm screening
The Best Approach to Developmental-Behavioral Screening and Surveillance
A comprehensive case example using PEDS, PEDS:DM and MCHAT-R.
a case study of rachael
How To Spot A Quality Screen
Describes test psychometry with amusing images and animations that explain various kinds of reliability, validity, sensitivity, specificity, etc.
how to spot a quality screen
Implementing PEDS:DM with AAP Policy
An extensive series of PowerPoint slides and notes to assist in training and administration of PEDS:DM in compliance with AAP policy.
implementing peds:dm with aap policy
PEDS Implementation
Visual aid in identifying PEDS workflow.
peds workflow
PEDS Online
Implementation and Case Example
online implementation & case example
Research On PEDS
Findings on the use of PEDS.
research on peds (pdf, ppt)
The Role of Parents in Primary Care
Why we need to know what parents are concerned about and ...what children can or cannot do.
the role of parents in primary care
Why Screen?
This slide show presents a rationale for screening, reasons for under-detection rates, covers several quality tools, coding reimbursement, etc. The entire script is included in the notes pages. Be sure to download the file called, "Handout For Participating Audience"
talking points (audience handout)
why quality screening tools are needed

PEDS Training Videos

Reasons to Use Quality Screens
The issues and challenges of early detectionth and a discussion of implementations and logistics.
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PEDS Online: Implementation And Case Example
In this video you will see how PEDS Online works. We describe one of our patients who was 3 years old when we saw him for the first time.
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How PEDS works and how it works well with PEDS: Developmental Milestones. How to effeciently use both tools to comply with the American Acadamy of Pediatrics policy on early detection.
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PEDS Online Training (Part 1): Administering the PEDStest
PEDS Online allows healthcare providers to accurately screen for developmental and behavioral delays in children ages 0 to 8 years old.
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PEDS Online Training (Part 2): Completing the PEDS Online Measures On Paper
Providers may also ask the parents to complete the PEDStest on paper. The PEDS Response Form may either be mailed to the parent to complete and be brought with them when they come to the well-chid viist or given to them when they arrive for the well-child visit.
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PEDS Online Training: Retrieving & Interpreting Results
Knowing how to retrieve and interpret the results of the PEDStest is important in providing a more focused well-child visit. By utilizing the PEDStest, healthcare providers are able to shorten the length of well-child visits by approximately two minutes as PEDStest Online bypasses all time needed for scoring and writing of any necessary referral letters.
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PEDS Online Training: Billing, Coding & Reimbursement
To help ensure adequate reimbursement, this video provides guidance on how healthcare providers can appropriately report standardized developmental screening and testing.
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PEDS Online Training: Where to Refer Children Based on PEDS Online Results
Based on results of the PEDStest and any supplemental developmental screens, PEDS Online determines whether a child should be referred for further screening and evalulation. To assist healthcare providers in making the appropriate referrals this video will discuss when and where to refer children based on their developmental screening results.
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