On this site we house many different kinds of training materials. These include:

  • A 10-child trial for PEDS Online (enabling providers to test children, view recommendations, etc.)
  • Videos about how to use PEDS Tools (including PEDS Online)
  • Slide shows covering how to encourage providers to use good tools, on why information from parents is useful and efficient
  • Case examples showing how PEDS Tools should be used
  • A printable list of referral resources (although it is best to download these and add local referral sources)
  • How to find downloadable parenting information on just about every concern parents' may raise
  • A detailed list of milestones for the first 8 years of life. This list is no substitute for quality screening but simply serves as helpful background information on the various skills within each developmental domain--AND, medical students and pediatric residents have to be able to answer questions about milestones in order to pass their exams.
  • A post-test so that trainees can demonstrate their knowledge about child development and behavior and skill at using PEDS Tools.
  • Frequently Asked Questions. These pages are helpful for self-training and also help presenters anticipate what questions they may be asked.
  • Information about Billing/Coding for optimal reimbursement
  • Guidance on implementation in busy settings (which is probably the biggest obstacle to using quality tools). Implementation for PEDS Online is within one of our videos and within a slide show as well. 
  • Printable pages within this training module that make for helpful handouts to share when training (e.g., "Talking Points", resources lists, and... slide shows themselves. So... please explore this site and decide what is most helpful to you.
  • Supplemental measures for surveillance focused on evidence-based approaches to detecting psychosocial risk and resilience, measuring mental health and school skills with children 8 years and older, etc
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