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PEDS Online offers a secure, real-time solution for administering PEDS, PEDS:DM (screening or assessment level) and the optional M-CHAT-R electronically.

  • Instant, automated (error-free!) scoring
  • Creates a unique record for each encounter
  • Produces a downloadable/printable report of scored results
  • Generates a summary report for families
  • Generates Billing and Procedure codes
  • Produces referral letters for sharing with other providers
  • Integrates with any EHR
  • Licensing includes print versions of PEDS in multiple languages (currently 45+, in case these are needed for waiting/exam rooms)
  • Can be used from multiple locations
  • Full Administration Panel for searching & editing completed screens

Trial Versions

A license agreement is required for use of PEDS Online. If you would like to see how PEDS Online works first hand, we offer a free site trial here!

You will have complete access to all three measures (PEDS, PEDS:DM or PEDS:DM-Assessment Level and M-CHAT-R) with a fully-functional administration panel where you can search and edit completed screens in your trial account name.

Comprehensive information for adminstration and training of PEDS Online can be found in the downloadable PEDS Online Brief Guide document in .pdf format.

To start your trial of PEDS Online, CLICK HERE! You'll complete a brief license review and application form. Instructions for accessing PEDS Online will be sent to you automatically upon completion of the trial application.

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per Patient

Screening and Related Tasks National Cost Averages* PEDS Online Costs:
Materials (whether photocopied or purchased) $ 0.50 $ 0.00
Hand-Scoring $ 5.00 $ 0.00
Oh by the Way” Concerns $ 4.00 $ 0.00
Referral Letters $18.00 $ 0.00
Parent Summary Report $10.00 $ 0.00
Chart Documentation $10.00 $ 0.00
ICD-10/procedure code look-up $ 3.00 $ 0.00
Total $50.50
PEDS Online costs $4.00
By using PEDS Online, clinics save: $46.50
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