Why Use the PEDS:DM®

  • Fast and more accurate than informal checklists
  • Saves provider time for more critical tasks, i.e., parent education, developmental promotion, collaborating with non-medical professionals
  • Hones clinical judgment and enhances observation
  • Teaches critical milestones to residents, medical students and other trainees
  • Provides longitudinal monitoring of developmental progress, including strengths and weaknesses

Who should use the PEDS:DM®?

  • Providers relying on informal lists of developmental milestones
  • Providers challenged by the ASQ or other lengthy parent-report screening tools
  • Providers using selected items from the Denver-II since these lack criteria and validity
  • Providers using ‘Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status’ who wish to also confirm children’s actual skill levels
  • Trainees needing to learn about child development
  • Clinicians using PEDS-R® who also want information on children’s skill levels