The best approach to developmental-behavioral screening and surveillance for kids birth to age 8. Available in print and online. PEDS Tools® screen development, behavior and social-emotional/mental health while encouraging parent involvement and eliminating “oh by the way” concerns!

Who We Are, LLC holds the international copyright for two developmental-behavioral screening tests and PEDStest Online.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to aide parents and clinicians in evaluating whether a child is having difficulty with learning, developing and behaving.

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Developmental Milestones

The PEDS:DM® is a new measure that can be used with PEDS-R® or by itself. It consists of 6-8 items per age/encounter and is designed to replace informal milestones checklists (which are notorious for their inability to detect children with problems) with highly accurate items known to predict developmental status.

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Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status-Revised

One of the most brief and accurate methods for early detection is Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status-Revised (PEDS-R®.) PEDS-R® is both an evidence-based surveillance tool and a screening test, it is also a tool for managing a wide range of developmental, behavioral and family issues.

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The Book

Identifying and Addressing Developmental-Behavioral Problems:A Practical Guide for Medical and Non-medical Professionals, Trainees, Researchers and Advocates

Everything you need to know about developmental, behavioral, social-emotional/mental health issues and how best to deal with them.

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