, LLC holds the international copyright for two developmental-behavioral screening tests and PEDStest Online, LLC holds the international copyright for their electronic applications:

  • Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)
  • PEDS: Developmental Milestones (PEDS:DM)
  • PEDS Online, LLC is the sole copyright holder and purveyor of print versions of PEDS and the PEDS:DM within North America the United States of America and whereever foreign rights/co-publishing agreements have not been established.

PEDStest Online is the sole purveyor of electronic applications of PEDS and the PEDS:DM and is responsible for foreign language translations/licensing, and international co-publishing agreements.

PEDStest regularly donates usage of the PEDS Tools to developing nations as well as the following organizations:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
  • CDC,

Meet Our Staff

  • Frances Page Glascoe, Ph.D.

    Dr. Glascoe is the author of PEDS, co-author of the PEDS:DM, and has conducted abundant research on these measures as well as other screening tools. For 12 years she directed the rotation in developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Vanderbilt University and is the recipient of the American Academy of Pediatrics Dale Richmond Award for contributions in child development.

    Dr. Glascoe is a Professor of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University, and serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She has a one child (well, a young adult actually) who is a costumer at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

    Curriculum Vitae

  • Helen Anglin Shouse, CEO

    Helen Anglin Shouse is the Chief Executive Officer of Ellsworth and Vandermeer Press, LLC/, based in Nolensville, Tennessee. Helen directs all aspects of publishing, company administration, and all things financial including taxes and budgeting. She has been with Ellsworth & Vandermeer Press since 2003 and has four children.

  • Amy Thomas, Directory of Fulfillment

    Amy Thomas oversees all aspects of customer service from the ordering process to product delivery. She is also responsible for accounts receivable and payable. Amy has two very cute children and lives in Nolensville, Tennessee.

  • Shirley Kathryn Woods, M.A., Translations, Research, Typesetting and Graphics

    Shirley Kathryn Woods is Director for research and translation issues, working with professionals interested in research projects and translations of PEDS/PEDS:DM materials; and moderator of the PEDS Discussion List. She is also our graphic designer and designed PEDS/PEDS:DM Forms and the tests' manuals. SK and her husband Tim have three lovely children, two horses, a flock of chickens, various pets, and assorted wild birds and live in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

  • Angel Kennedy, CEO PEDStest Online

    Angel is the Chief Executive Officer of PEDStest Online, LLC and directs PEDS Online--our electronic application of PEDS, the PEDS:DM, and the MCHAT-R. She also coordinates translation licensing, co-publishing arrangements, research licensing, and all aspects of company administration including finance and taxes. Angel has been with PEDStest since 2007. She and her husband Nathan have two adorable boys.

  • Tushar Gugnani, Software Engineer

    Tushar is responsible for all aspects of development and updates to the PEDS Online service; he maintains, manages, and expands the current code base for PEDS Online. In addition, he regularly consults on site security, design, architecture, functionality, back-end administration, server management, & database development. Tushar is a recent newlywed!

  • Roxanne Brown, Integration Architect

    Roxanne works with EHR vendors, hospitals, and individual clinics on integrating PEDS Online seamlessly into their EHR software. As a developer, she has a large volume of experience working with various EHR software packages in various environments. Roxanne also regularly consults on site security and architecture, as well as HIPAA compliance and server management and support.

  • Donna M. Strawser, M.A.

    Donna helps Shirley Kathryn in acquiring translations, organizing language-groups, and finding qualified translators. She also coordinates all of our marketing efforts at and PEDStest Online. Donna lives in mid-coast Maine with her husband and two cats. She is a retired educator (English as a Second Language) and enjoys running, yoga, gardening, quilting and spending time with her family.

  • Nick Robertshaw, PEDStest Online's Pioneer Developer and PEDS:DM Co-author

    The late Nick Robertshaw co-wrote PEDS:Developmental Milestones and created the text- based scoring software engine for PEDS Online screening services. Nick's wife Terry, is the voice you hear on several of our online videos. Nick's many talents: warmth, kindness, humor, wisdom, brilliance, and creativity are hugely missed by his wife, son, many friends, and colleagues.