#780-PEDS-Revised® Bulk Order


The PEDS-R® Bulk Order contains 20 packs (=1000 PEDS-R® tests in English) at a $200 discount.

*If you would like to substitute any number of PEDS-R® in English for PEDS-R® in Spanish, please indicate the quantities in the “NOTES” section at checkout. If the substituted quantities aren’t specified, you will receive all 20 packs in English.



PEDS-Revised® (PEDS-R®) is an update to PEDS® that refines its original Paths, enabling professionals to view discrete types of risk, i.e., for developmental delays/disorders (DD), mental health/emotional/behavioral (MEB), or a combination of the two (MEBDD). Thus PEDS-R® divides the original PEDS® Paths into:

Path A: High MEBDD Risk

Path A: High DD Risk

Path B: Moderate MEBDD Risk

Path B: Moderate DD Risk

Path C: Mild to Moderate MEB Risk

Path C: Mild DD Risk

Path D/E: Low DD Risk and Low MEB Risk