Ease of Use

Saves Time

  • No need to hand-score, dictate reports, rummage for billing information and ICD-10 codes. These are automatically generated by PEDS Online®.
  • No need to elicit milestones informally (which are known to miss most children with problems). Parents can self- administer PEDS®:Developmental Milestones to ensure accurate early detection.
  • No need to fumble for questions to elicit parents’ concerns. PEDS® provides validated questions and accurate decision support.
  • Shortens visits and eliminates “oh by the way concerns” when using PEDS® before or at the beginning of the encounter.

Ensures Audit Documentation

  • Ensures compliance with Medicaid mandates
  • Provides proof that validated, standardized screens were used

Increases Clinic Revenues

  • Provides needed codes for optimal reimbursement
  • Helps ensure that clinics receive ~ $10.00 – $13.00 per screen, even while PEDS Online® costs less than $2.76 for all 3 screens we offer.

Improves Quality of Care

  • Increases parent and provider satisfaction
  • Ensures accurate decision-making about children and families’ needs
  • Ensures that screens are correctly administered (e.g., if answers are circled on PEDS® but no words are written on the forms).
  • Provides support for Quality Improvement and Maintenance of Certification efforts, via a searchable database, and abundant content on www.pedstest.com offering background information, current research updates, etc.

Provides Training Support

  • slide shows, videos, case examples, Frequently Asked Questions, and other guidance helpful for training staff and providers
  • email and telephone support from PEDS Online® staff