Instant Results

PEDStest Online provides instanct access to the following tests:

  • PEDS® – The evidence-based screen that elicits and addresses parents concerns about children’s language, motor, self-help, early academic skills, behavior and social-emotional/mental health. PEDS® tells you when parents’ concerns suggest problems requiring referral and which concerns are best responded to with advice or reassurance. PEDS® also reduces ‘oh by the way’ concerns, focuses visits, ensures a ‘teachable moment’, and is known to improve attendance at well-visits.
  • PEDS:DM® – The milestones-based checklist measure consisting of 6-8 questions, depending on the age-range (older children have academic items). Each item taps a different developmental domain: expressive language, receptive language, fine motor, gross motor, social-emotional, self-help, academics in both reading and math (older children).
  • PEDS:DM-AL® – The mid-level assessment measure of development, social-emotional, & mental health that provides age-equivalent and % of delay scores in ALL domains (Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Expressive Language, Receoptive Language, Self-Help, Social-Emotional, Academic/Pre-Academic, Cognitive). PEDS:DM-AL® is useful for settings where children have elevated risk for developmental-behavioral problems and where longitudinal progress monitoring is needed.

PEDS Online® includes each of the measures above and offers instant, automated scoring, generates parent summary reports, referral letters as well as diagnostic/procedure codes for billing/reimbursement.