Why PEDS Tools® Can Not Be Copied

Reproduction of PEDS-R®/PEDS:DM® in any manner is theft. It is illegal under the Bourne Convention and carries a minimum penalty of $200,000, per infringement. Copyright law extends to electronic reproduction including photocopying, lamination, posting copyrighted measures on websites, or including them in electronic records.

Photocopying is an infringement and it actually costs more than a purchase of PEDS-R®/PEDS:DM®.

Laminating PEDS Tools® is theft and also clinically problematic: If you laminate PEDS Tools®, you will not have a record of what the parent said. This makes longitudinal monitoring and follow-up impossible. You need to keep the latest PEDS-R® Response Form and Action Steps page in the chart at least until the next visit when a new one is completed.

Posting PEDS-R®/PEDS:DM® Forms on your website is illegal.

Scanning of print PEDS-R®/PEDS:DM® Forms, if they haven’t been completed, is prohibited.

Even if you have purchased PEDS-R®/PEDS:DM® you do not have the right to include these measures in your electronic record without a license agreement. If you need help with electronic applications, please contact us.

Revenues from PEDS-R®/PEDS:DM® sales support foreign-language translations, research support, quality improvements to the tool, ensure the availability of its staff/authors to consult with providers and researchers, provide a living wage to employees of PEDStest.com, and enable our measures to be re-standardized and validated periodically so that its psychometric underpinnings remain current and empirically sound.

You should be able to more than cover the minimal cost of PEDS-R®/ PEDS:DM® from reimbursement for well-visits especially now that the 96110 procedure code for screening carries separate reimbursement.