What are the benefits of using PEDS-R® with the PEDS:DM®?

  • PEDS-R®, a screening and surveillance tool based on parents’ concerns, is known to improve attendance at well-visits
  • PEDS-R® decreases parental frustrations and is associated with positive parent practices (less spanking, more time-out, etc.)
  • PEDS-R® ensures that encounters are a collaborative process
  • PEDS-R® enhances the teachable moment
  • PEDS-R® focuses visits and reduces “oh by the way” concerns
  • PEDS-R® facilitates delivering difficult news via affirmation of existing concerns
  • PEDS-R®+PEDS:DM® enhances accurate responses to parents’ concerns and helps determine whether reassurance, watchful waiting, in-office guidance, or referrals are needed
  • PEDS-R® + PEDS:DM® provide essential components of developmental surveillance in keeping with new AAP policy (July, 2006)
  • PEDS-R®+PEDS:DM® Complies with the AAP’s new policy on surveillance and screening