What Are The Components Of PEDS:DM®?

The PEDS:DM® Complete Set (for Primary Care and Public Health) includes:

  1. The PEDS:DM® Professionals' Manual with information on billing/coding, training, parent education, explaining results to families, and psychometric support for the measure;
  2. The Family Book (in English or Spanish) with laminated PEDS:DM® questions (6 - 8 per age range), developmental promotion read aloud stories for parents to share with their children, and optional supplementary tools (such as the M-CHAT, measures of psychosical risk and resilience, mental health and academic screens for older children, and the Vanderbilt ADHD Scale);
  3. a scoring template for quickly viewing whether milestones are met or unmet;
  4. 100 longitudinal Results and Interpretation Forms for tracking progress and decisions throughout the 0 - 8 year age range; and e) a dry-erase marker and book clip.
Family Book with Scoring Template

How to use the PEDS:DM®: After finding the appropriate laminated test form (determined by age), have famiilies complete the 6 - 8 questions (or you may administer them by interview or hands-on to children). Once answers are marked, place the scoring template on top of the questions and answers and align the registration marks, Any marks showing through the template are unmet milestones. Next use a Recording Form/Growth Chart and mark with a -- any unmet milestones for the child's age. Fill in the boxes completely when milestones are met. After that wipe off the marks so that you are ready for the next child.

PEDS:DM® Results and Interpretation Forms: remain in the child's chart for longitudinal monitoring and noting responses. Over time, produces a bar graph of progress.

Professionals' Manual: directions for using the PEDS:DM® alone, optionally in combination with PEDS-R® or with measures of parent-child interactions, psychosocial risk, autism-specific screens.

  • Measures suitable for children 8 years and older and guidance on using them
  • Parent education handouts, templates for summary reports and referral templates
  • A guide to locating referral resources
  • Guidance on billing and coding
  • Directions and scoring for the Assessment Level PEDS:DM®
  • Psychometric support for the measure

PEDS:DM®-Assessment Level Booklets: for NICU follow-up and early intervention programs, these 12 page booklets (in English or Spanish) can be reused with each child for long-term follow-up, progress tracking, summary reports for parents, production of age-equivalent scores, etc.

PEDS:DM® is online (together with the optional M-CHAT-R) and/or PEDS-R®. Please follow links to PEDS TOOLS® ONLINE to trial the site, view our site license agreement, etc.