The PEDS:DM-AL® is a mid-level assessment measure of development, social-emotional, & mental health that provides age-equivalent and % of delay scores in ALL domains (Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Expressive Language, Receoptive Language, Self-Help, Social-Emotional, Academic/Pre-Academic, Cognitive).

The PEDS:DM-AL® is available online via our PEDS Online® service. With the PEDS:DM-AL® Online, the scoring is automated, reports and billing/procedure codes are generated as well as referral letters. In addition, there is a parent portal that allows parents to take the measure(s) prior to well visits. They do not see results; rather, the provider is sent an email notification that a screen has been completed and can login to view/print/save results.

We offer a free, 3 patient site trial to the PEDS:DM-AL® via PEDS Online®. If interested, please visit: and choose ‘Assessment’ in the options.

PEDS:DM®-Assessment Level Report

DMAL Report